Tuesday, February 19, 2013

The Day I Got Spoiled Rotten

AKA: Valentine's Day. I love it. Possibly more than Christmas. But how could you not when you wake up to this?

Sweetarts are my favorite sugar candy, chocolate tops all though. The Sees Candies are from my parents but the roses, and especially those three beautiful boxes, all Aaron. I pierced my ears for the FIRST TIME IN MY LIFE on February 13th. I felt really grown-up, and there was a high that came with doing it. I can see why people keep getting multiple piercings now, it was fun!

Aaron RARELY buys me jewelry, mostly because he never sees anything he likes. This caught his eye though, and I love it. It is nice to have a husband that spoils me rotten. I love him.

The kids woke up and Kaylee got a rose herself. We shared chocolates (Cael "trick or treated" a lot of chocolates) and we did our usual morning family prayer that ends with the Waldon family hug. I think those family prayers and hugs our one of our favorite parts of the day. Kade especially, as he is usually the first to echo "Prrr!", run over, grab someone's hand, and get on his knees the fastest. Kaylee usually tells God how much she "loves everything, even the world." and Cael beams when it's time to hug. We spent time together, and a few hours later we went to our gym for their Valentine's Day luncheon where Olive Garden catered yummy food. The cake came from Costco, I think, because Costco has the best sheet cakes and I'm pretty sure that was the best sheet cake. Ever. Maybe that's because we never eat cake. Anyway. Aaron rounded off the day by buying me A CANON 5D MARK II!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have been wanting one for years, SO excited to have it. It wasn't even planned, I was in shock as we drove home with it in the car. I quickly took the kids to the zoo a few days later to snap a few just for fun.

I got Aaron a NorthFace jacket, but he is going to switch it in for one with a hood (I forgot, we live in Washington). Aaron is so particular with clothes, I can never buy him anything. Or maybe I am just terrible at picking out mens clothes. Kaylee will only wear what she picks out too. Kaylee and Cael both traded handmade cards and got one from me as well. Kade traded his fish kisses, which are darling. This particular holiday of chocolate, gifts, roses, and sweet words, was the best day ever. And all because I married the most perfect man six years ago. I love my husband. A lot. Happy Valentine's Day!

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