Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Boys Will Be Boys

He's 18 months old, he loves cars and "Beep Beep" whistling Thomas trains, and he just broke his first bone jumping off the couch.

As I picked up his sweet little tall-skinny body off the floor where he had landed, he screamed and kept screaming. This is atypical of Kade, who is the most pleasant little boy I have ever met. He rarely cries and gets lots of positive attention for his mild demeanor. So screamed he did, while Aaron felt his collar bone and compared the sides to each other. Aaron found the bump that was sticking up under Kade's skin and we waited a long two hours before the pediatrician had an opening. Kade was able to take a nap (lucky us, it just happened to be his nap time), got half a dose of Tylenol, and went to the ped.

Kade was playful and happy at the clinic, the pediatrician thought that Aaron was crazy when he kept insisting on an x-ray. The doctor came back, and said the x-ray was the easiest read he has ever done: his left clavicle had completely snapped. Kade was happy to get his bunch of Cars and Thomas the Train stickers from the adoring secretaries, and tolerated the sling.

He is such a happy kid, and still jumps and plays with all of his toys at home despite the discomfort. He keeps his left arm hugged to the side of his body, and will stare you down with wide eyes if you try to touch his arm. If you ask him where he hurts, he will point to the break in his shoulder and say, "Huuwht." We love, what Grandma calls, our "Brave Soldier."


Janessa said...

Why do you have the cutest baby boy ever? So sad that he's hurting! My brother broke his clavicle when he was 4, by wrestling with my cousin, when 8-year-old me was "watching them". Never gonna live that down.

Debbie daBee Gilliam said...

Kade is so precious! Hope he heals soon and is as good as ever...glad he got to play on the trampolines BEFORE he got huwht.