Monday, December 17, 2012

All Good Things Must Come To An End (Dec 2nd-3rd)

I noticed in the last post the kids were a little less tidy, and the photography was a little more sloppy. That is from going to six different theme parks for six days straight. We needed a vacation from our vacation!. Luckily, Grandpa knew just where to go. We went to the most grand resort I think I've ever been in. Huge statues with waterfalls scattered the front, an amazing place to stay right over the ocean, and a little bit of paradise in the back. We went swimming under the palm trees, to live steel drum music playing, and every pool we hopped in overlooked the immense ocean on the other side of the gate. It was beautiful. The kids really liked the hot tub (ok, me too!), and we had fun relaxing and swimming as a family for our second to last day in California. Aaron, Grandpa, and I all took turns making the kids giggle and squeal with delight from "water monsters", zooming through the water, and practicing swimming (kicking with "ice-cream scoopers"). Showers, baths, and Chipotle later, we all spent time in our three bedroom resort room with Kim, Tristan, and Quincey. After all of our theme park hopping, it was perfect.

The next day we drove to Laguna beach to say goodbye to California. The kids skipped, hopped, and ran in the beautiful ocean tide and later we went to check out the tide pools. It made Aaron and me nostalgic for Hawaii.

I, by no means, profess to be a videographer. I find it irritating, or maybe that is just Windows Movie Maker. Anyway, here is my little video nonetheless.

Our flight back home was kind of cute. Luckily, my whole paradigm of flying with kids had been rocked right before we left so I could actually enjoy them being so sweet. The night before I had had a dream that our plane crashed. As the plane was going down I remember thinking, "Well, I suppose there are worst ways to die." Stepping onto the airplane with that mentality completely changed the flight and made it one of my favorite parts of our vacation. I spent the entire three hours playing with the kids and enjoyed being their mom. I guess we never know when we could lose our children, so we should enjoy every minute we have.

(On a separate note, I also have a fear of driving over bridges. Not necessarily dying, but being trapped inside a sinking car with three kids. There are a lot of bridges in Portland. Anyway, back to the airplane.)

Kade was on my lap, and I colored and helped the kids the entire time. Aaron flew with the kids on the way down, so it was his turn to take a break and watch shows with Grandpa on the way back. I didn't mind it a bit. When Kade threw my chips across the floor, I didn't get mad. And guess what, it took a few seconds to clean it up and then we went right back to playing. Note to self, not everything has to be a big deal if you don't make it one. Watching Cael see the streets and cars get smaller and smaller was a treat. He kept getting really excited and when he gets excited he gets loud, "ARE WE UP IN SPACE??? ARE WE STILL UP IN SPACE???" This happened over and over again, he was so thrilled to be on an airplane. The plane eventually landed back on earth, and so did we, in our 40 degree rainy weather. We are so happy we got to go on such a fun vacation this year. Next time, Hawaii?

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