Saturday, July 19, 2014

Cael's 5th Birthday!

Cael turned five this year! Our handsome man grew up this year. He is really into numbers, asking how things work, and space. This year, he said he really wanted to go to the zoo. So away we went!

Of course the kids wanted to play around in front of the zoo first. For a moment, I went temporarily insane wondering why we weren't able to complete the remaining ten feet to the front entrance, but then I realized that as adults we kind of forget the fun in the journey. I love how the kids stop to pick the wildflower growing out of the sidewalk on the way to the grocery store, or how they go up and down a set of stairs five times when the beach destination is waiting on the other side of the walk, or how they stop to look at every bug while we "walk" the dog. So here we are, true Waldon kid style, enjoying a romp through the palm trees on an "adventure" to the zoo. :)

I kept calling this an iguana. It is not an iguana (but no one remembers what it really is).

Why yes, our zoo lets you walk around in your bathing suit and has random boats on the river canals. :)

A sting ray came to say Happy Birthday to Cael.

The main destination of the zoo for my kiddos is... the pool! Forget that they have a pool in their own backyard and a beach a football field away from home. They had a lot of fun!

They fed the giraffes!

They got REALLY bad face painting done by a "Free. Donations Welcome." sign. That should be a warning. Kaylee asked for a starfish, it looked like someone squirted mustard all of over her face. She was quick to remove it. Cael, after witnessing the so called artistry, declined. :)

After a fun day at the zoo, we swam in the pool (more swimming!) and invited his buddy Branden over. Then, as the day was winding down, Aaron took Cael to the skate shop and Cael picked out his first skateboard. Aaron did not take a picture, but Cael was suuuuuuuuper happy. :) He was also very happy to pick out his birthday cake. We love you little man!

*Birthday Interview Coming Soon*

Monday, April 28, 2014

Rainy Days, Chasing the Clouds Away

The occassional tremendous downpour of rain, in 75 degree weather, with the tropical flowers making the air smell floral, is the best kind of rain! We love to chasing the clouds away in Florida!

Random Pictures

 (Another rocket launch!)

 (Cocoa Beach Pier for dinner)

 (Kaylee caught another gecko!)

(Cuddling with Kade. Best feeling ever: cuddling with the kids.)

A Few More Days with Grandpa and Grandma

Grandpa and Grandma got back from their cruise with a few days in Florida before their flight left. We were so happy to have them. On their last night, we had a bonfire on the beach. We enjoyed being spoiled by their love while they were here.

Our First Family Dog

If there was ever a way to prove that Aaron loves me more than the world, it would be in this simple fact: he let me buy a dog. To say Aaron isn't favorable towards dogs is an understatement. He has never been mean to an animal, and probably treats animals better than most people do, but he has never been a fan.

But I wanted, no needed, a dog. A running buddy, a constant companion for the kids when they need some extra love, an excuse to get outdoors and play (no one in Florida needs an excuse to get outside), and a learning experience for the kids.

So I asked, and bartered. Aaron spoiled me rotten and gave in. But he wanted no part in buying it. :) So I went online, and found the perfect puppy that would be available to adopt on Saturday, March 29th, through Save a Life Pet Rescue. You couldn't reserve the dog ahead, so off we went to try our luck. We drove an hour to Oviedo, Fl and arrived three hours early to write our name on the sign-up sheet for picking order. We were twelfth! Yikes! Apparently there had been a few litters, and it was a popular adoption day. We waited five hours, when the dogs and the pouring rain came. Someone snatched our dog and another dog and got in the paper processing line. When my turn came, the kids and I grabbed a random dog and stood in line behind the dog-snatching couple. I told them I would give them $100 if they only took one dog home, and that is how I bought my way into what I wanted. Evil, I know. But we got her!!!! Stupid couple. :) After another $300 adoption fee (she came spayed, vaccinated, and microchipped), and seven hours, we were on our way home with our new puppy. The kids did awesome by the way, being at Petsmart that long. They are amazing kids, and I am their incredibly lucky mom.

We named her Roxy, and she is the perfect dog for us. :)

Cael: "His is a grill" (She is a girl)

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Jacksonville/St. Augustine Family Vacation

Spring Break came, and so did half the United States! It is crazy living in a place where everyone comes to vacation. People were everywhere. When we went to Ron Jons for some clothes shopping (so far, the only place we buy clothes here in Fl), it was a mad house. So we left our crowded beaches, and our favorite place in the world, for some fun up north! Jacksonville Beach and St. Augustine!

Jacksonville Beach was semi-lame. We can't help it that we love our home in Satellite Beach so much. We did, however, find a fun place to feed alligators and each kid did a build-a-bear. :)

After staying the night in a fancy hotel, which had bunk-beds for the kids (a big hit!) we headed to St. Augustine. Without really planning anything, we ended up at this park haha.

After asking some of the locals, they sent us to the right place. A very quaint older town on the water-front with lots to do. We had so much fun! Both our phones ran out of batteries, and I didn't bring my big camera, but we ended the day on a big pirate ship that put on a whole show for the kids. They fought off Captain Jack, and reclaimed their treasure while Aaron and I watched the dolphins jump and play around the boat and pelicans flew on overhead. We love Florida. :)